Comply Systems can provide you with easy solutions to all your risk management, quality, health and safety, and environmental compliance needs. From organisational software to supplying PPE gear, Comply has brought together a wide range of leading service and product providers to create a one stop shop for all your compliance needs.

Originally founded by Niall Lindsay who used his 25+ years experience in the health and safety, and compliance sector, to establish the foundations upon which Comply Safety Products Ltd has evolved into.

Mission Statements:

  • To provide first class service and value to our clients in the fields of risk management & Wellbeing.
  • To be the leading provider in the fields of risk management & Wellbeing.
  • To be a great organisation to work for and with.
  • To provide a valued service to our clients.
  • To support New Zealand companies.
  • To be the first place that our clients look to for support and guidance.
  • to support each other, grow our businesses and have fun.